There is a need for better software architecture of Edge-IoT devices – open, smart and interoperable
We introduce you to the new era of the open Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum
The Edge-IoT Alliance is formed by companies who share vision for changing the Edge-IoT experience. We propose new approach to building Edge-IoT devices by defining and normalizing an open standard of operating system interface. Each member of the Edge-IoT Alliance is strongly committed to open standards in the Edge-IoT ecosystem leading to interoperability and portability, which will enable all industrial market players to develop, implement and innovate more rapidly.

We are devoted to providing smarter, energy efficient, secure and safe solutions capable of running user applications enhancing their functionality for all industrial sectors by building and standardizing a complete operating system ecosystem.
Portability of Edge-IoT applications at the source code level is a key in the software development process - many industry segments will become beneficiaries of this approach
Connection and cooperation based on open standards, lowering the entry barriers for inovative companies leads to identifying the most promising paths forward to speed up the development and shorten time-to-market.
Provide a forum for the creation (definition, establishment, and support) of an open specification and standard for the Edge-IoT operating system interface.
Encourage and promote broad and open industry adoption and use of the open standards leading to establishment of the open Cloud Edge-IoT Continuum.
Why Edge-IoT OS standard is required?
After initial attempts to create IoT devices as simple sensors with a bare-metal software architecture (using exo-kernels), it was understood that this path did not lead to the creation of open and scalable smart devices. It is necessary to enable edge processing directly on the devices and to scale the functionality of devices by installing user applications to support the establishment of Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum.

The Edge-IoT Alliance main objective is to define an open Edge-IoT operating system interface and environment for resource-constrained devices (including the support for multiple programming languages like C and Python) to support Edge-IoT applications portability at the source code level. It should be completed with a standard set of security and safety requirements and open methodology for verification and validation of both these requirements and application power efficiency (by means of the developed test framework). These objectives should be concluded with the international standardization process roll-out to support the Edge-IoT software-hardware disaggregation.
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