Atende Industries
Atende Industries is an IT company creating cloud platforms for the industry 4.0 and Smart Grid.
Atende is one of the member capital groups in the IT industry in Poland.
Phoenix Systems
the creator of Phoenix-RTOS an open-source, scalable operating system for Edge-IoT.
A telecommunications operator with a nationwide and international reach.
Membership Application
You can find the application form to join Edge-IoT OS Alliance below. In this form, you will be referred to as the “Applicant”.

For more information and to inquire about joining the Edge-IoT Alliance please send us an email.
Why join:
Accelerate the development and implementation of standards for Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum and extending these standards with applications running directly on Edge and IoT devices
Accelerate the software-defined Edge-IoT solution development process by using common, open standards
Establish the Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum allowing for easy migration of applications between Cloud, Edge and IoT devices
Develop new market sector targeting on Edge and IoT application development
Protect the development of open operating system standards for of Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum
Membership application form