The Alliance is a non-profit organization, located in Brussels, building open standard of the Edge-IoT operating system interface. It is focused on open-source operating systems development, strategy and standardization, as it will have a key role in the Edge-IoT ecosystem.
The Alliance associates entities (companies, universities, organizations) interested in the development and wide promotion of these open-source standards. It’s role is to actively promote open community collaboration on the global Edge-IoT application environment standard.
Innovative edge solutions will translate into new business opportunities and paradigm changes as, just to mention few examples, decentralized energy grids, autonomous driving, avionics and automated food chains (smart agriculture). Edge-IoT Alliance breaks down barriers in the Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum, bringing together different operating systems vendors for a joint and open collaboration on industry standards.
The Alliance main objectives:
Define an open standard Edge-IoT operating system interface and environment for resource- constrained edge devices to support Edge-IoT applications portability at the source code level to enable the establishment of the Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum
Define Edge-IoT operating system service functions and subroutines for multiple programming languages (C, Python etc.) including portability, error handling, error recovery, power management for Edge-IoT devices intended for various market sectors
Define Edge-IoT operating system command interpreter and common utilities open standard to support the application portability
Develop a test framework for validating system and application compliance with the defined open standard and preserving the proper level of Edge-IoT application security and safety
Roll out the process of international standardization of the Cloud-Edge-IoT operating system interface